ESD Safe Hinged Box



Two Sizes of hinged boxes are available in conductive and nonconductive Black Colour with conductive foam. Ideal for shipping and long term storage of sensitive devices with foam acting as a cushioning material for components.

Small Box

Size: 180mm x 95mm x 22mm
Art No.: APPBS-C Conductive
Art No.: APPBS Non-conductive

Medium Box

Size: 190mm x 120mm x 40mm
Art No.: APPBM-C Conductive
Art No.: APPBM Non-conductive

All Box Conductive

Hinged box with handle & locking facility.

Big Size hinged box is very useful for storage and transport of delicate electronic device which can also be locked. Alternatively it can be used as a tool box. It has a small parts tray inside the box.

Size of Box: 280mm x 125mm x 95mm
Art No.: ATBS-C Conductive
Art No.: ATBS NonConductive

Big Box with Foam

Big size box with cover available in conductive and non-conductive plastic with foam inside for protection of all sensitive devices.

Size: 333mm x 133mm x 40mm
Art No.: APSB-C Conductive
Art No.: APSB Non-conductive