ESD Safe Supra Bins


Made from Conductive Polypropylene. Strong rear lip for use with louvred panels. Strong heavy duty, with reinforced base side & stacking rim. Resistant to most industrial solvents, withstands higher temperatures. Clear access to contents.

All bins with identification card holder slots. Incorporates a safety stop feature in SB 4-C, SB 5-C, SB 6-C, at the back for use in shelves. Colour - BLACK.


Supra Bins are designed to be stacked one on top of each other.


They are made from 1.5mm CRCA steel and are powder coated in grey colour . They come in four sizes. They can be fitted on walls or on stand on table with our special stands.

Art No.: SBLP1 Size 457 mm X 457mm
Art No.: SBLP2 Size 457mm X 610mm
Art No.: SBLP3 Size 457mm X 915mm
Art No.: SBLP6 Size 457mm X 1830mm

Different Types of Stands & Trolleys are available.

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